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WordPress Web Development

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WordPress is a free and open-source website builder that uses the PHP and MySQL programming languages. In technical terms, it’s referred to as a content management system (CMS).

One utilizes a free content management system, WordPress, to develop a complete website that is both; attractive and user-friendly by the end of this project. Using the web building tool, you’ll learn how to make a website with themes and plug-ins, and take your company to the next level. Create and launch a stunning and effective website. WordPress is simple to learn and master!

Why should one choose this course?

Many people use WordPress because it’s a simple platform to get started with if you’re new to web development.

WordPress, on the other hand, has a lot to offer if you’ve built websites before. It’s completely adaptable, and its plugin and theme systems let you create practically any kind of website you want.

What is the scope of this course?

WordPress appears to have a bright future, as it allows clients and management to quickly gain trust by allowing them to adjust themes, inbuilt plugins, and other features at a low cost. It will, however, assist you in breaking out of your shell, developing your identity, and securing your future as a WordPress developer.

Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber are the six predefined jobs in WordPress. Each role is granted access to a set of tasks known as Capabilities.

Course Structure

Section 1: PHP Basics

Lesson 1: Introduction to Php
Lesson 2: Installation and setup
Lesson 3: Datatypes and Operators in Php
Lesson 4: Input and Output and Control Statements
Lesson 5: String and indexing
Lesson 6: List & Tuples and Dictionaries
Lesson 7: Loops, arrays and conditional statements
Lesson 8: Functions

Section 1: HTML – CSS

Lesson 1: HTML-Introduction
Lesson 2: HTML-Grouping Using DIV Span
Lesson 3:HTML-Lists and Tables
Lesson 4: HTML-Images
Lesson 5: HTML-Hyperlink
Lesson 6: HTML-Iframe
Lesson 7: HTML-Form
Lesson 8: HTML-Headers
Lesson 9: CSS3-Introduction
Lesson 10: CSS3-Syntax
Lesson 11: CSS3-Selectors
Lesson 12: CSS3-Color Background Cursor
Lesson 13: CSS3-Text Fonts
Lesson 14: CSS3-Lists Tables
Lesson 15: CSS3-Box Model
Lesson 16: CSS3-Display Positioning
Lesson 17: CSS Floats

Section 2: JavaScript
Lesson 1: JavaScript Operators, Methods, and Keywords
Lesson 2: Program with Variables, Data Types, and Functions
Lesson 3: Implement and Analyze Decisions and Loops
Lesson 4: Interact with the Document Object Model
Lesson 5: Interact with HTML Forms

Section 1: WordPress Basic
Lesson 1: Introduction to WordPress
Lesson 2: Installation of WordPress
Lesson 3: Introduction to WAMP server
Lesson 4: Installation of WAMP server
Lesson 5: General settings of your WordPress account
Section 2: WordPress Advance
Lesson 1: Themes
Lesson 2: Pages
Lesson 3: Menus
Lesson 4: Widgets
Lesson 5: Posts
Lesson 6: Plugins
Section 3: Forms and Elementor
Lesson 1: Installing WP form plugin
Lesson 2: Adding the form to your page
Lesson 3: Working with Elementor

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Entry Level 
Approx. Average ₹300,000 PA

Approx. above ₹10,00,000 PA

Expert Level 
Approx. higher of ₹12,00,000 PA

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