Python Developer Full Stack Developer

Python Developer Full Stack Developer

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MTA Certifications:
Python: MTA 98-381
HTML-CSS: MTA 98-383
Javascript: MTA 98-382
Database SQL: MTA 98-364

Course Description

Python Full Stack Web Development course is all about front end and back end development. In this course, Students will learn:


– the basics and advanced concepts of Python. 

– HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Django framework and much more. 

– not only technical skills, but also soft skills that are required in the industry. 


Why should one choose this course?

In India, the average earning of a full-stack developer is approximately Rs. 6 L. PA . It can go up to Rs. 14 L. PA for experts with a lot of experience and skill.
Full-stack developers are in high demand. Consider this: the demand for full stack developers increased by roughly 20% in 2018. Because full-stack developers deal with all three tiers of the process, this is the case (presentation, logic and database).
Apart from that, employers need multi-skilled employees that can stay up with the industry and fill many roles. You may entrust a full stack developer with a wide range of projects that you wouldn’t trust any other specialised with. These developers are well-versed in all aspects of development, allowing them to manage projects more efficiently.

What is the scope of this course?


Any organization that focuses on technology and development is highly benefited by having on board a full-stack developer. This career is here to remain, thanks to constant innovation in the software industry and the demand for fast-paced technology.
Indeed, this is one of the highest-paying jobs. According to our analysis, the average annual salary for a full stack web developer can go up to Rs. 25 L. PA.
Course Structure

Section-1: Python Basic

Lesson 1: Introduction to Python

Lesson 2: Writing First Python Program

Lesson 3: Datatypes and Operators in Python

Lesson 4: Input and Output and Control Statements

Lesson 5: String & Character

Lesson 6: List & Tuples and Dictionaries

Lesson 7: Functions


Section-2: Python Advance

Lesson 1: Introduction to OOP: Classes and Objects

Lesson 2: Inheritance and Polymorphism

Lesson 3: Exceptions and File handling

Lesson 4: Data Structures in Python

Lesson 5: Graphic User Interface-GUI

Lesson 6: Networking in Python

Lesson 7: Python’s Database Connectivity

Section-1: HTML & CSS
Lesson 1:UI/UX Design concepts
Lesson 2:HTML-Introduction
Lesson 3:HTML-Grouping Using Div Span
Lesson 4:HTML-Lists and Tables
Lesson 5:HTML-Images
Lesson 6:HTML-Hyperlink
Lesson 7:HTML-Iframe
Lesson 8:HTML-Form
Lesson 9:HTML-Headers
Lesson 10:CSS3-Introduction
Lesson 11:CSS3-Syntax
Lesson 12:CSS3-Selectors
Lesson 13:CSS3-Color Background Cursor
Lesson 14:CSS3-Text Fonts
Lesson 15:CSS3-Lists Tables
Lesson 16:CSS3-Box Model
Lesson 17:CSS3-Display Positioning
Lesson 18:CSS Floats

Section-2: JavaScript
Lesson 1: JavaScript Operators, Methods, and Keywords
Lesson 2: Program with Variables, Data Types, and Functions
Lesson 3: Implement and Analyze Decisions and Loops
Lesson 4: Interact with the Document Object Model
Lesson 5: Interact with HTML Forms


Lesson 1: Understanding Core Database Concepts
Lesson 2: SQL Data Types
Lesson 3: SQL Operators
Lesson 4: SQL Comments
Lesson 5: SQL – Data Definition Language
Lesson 6: SQL – Data Manipulation Language
Lesson 7: SQL – Data Control Language Commands
Lesson 8: SQL Queries and Sub Queries
Lesson 9: SQL Joins
Lesson 10: SQL Views

Lesson 1: Introduction to Django and Installation
Lesson 2: Django Structure
Lesson 3: Django Models
Lesson 4: Django Views
Lesson 5: Django Templates
Lesson 6: Django Admin
Lesson 7: Django Forms

Section-1: GitHub

Section-2: Testing
Lesson 1: Python Unittest

Section-2: Deployment
Lesson 1: Heroku Server

Lesson 1: Industry trending projects

Lesson 1: Introduction to Soft Skills
Lesson 2: Communication Skills
Lesson 3: Verbal / Non verbal communication Skills
Lesson 4: Written communication skills
Lesson 5: Resume building
Lesson 6: Profile Creation
Lesson 7: Interview Preparation
Lesson 8: Communication with the consumer

Course Duration

30Hrs Technical + 15Hrs Soft skills


Entry Level
starting salary is Rs. 2 L. PA

Approx. Rs. 3 – 3.5 L. PA

Expert Level
Rs. 10 L. PA – Rs. 20 L. PA

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