Business Analytics With Power BI

Business Analytics With Power BI

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MTA Certifications:
Python: MTA 98-381
Database SQL: MTA 98-364

Course Description

Power BI is swiftly establishing itself as the world’s most powerful self-service business intelligence platform, and an indispensable tool for both, data pros and novices. You can connect to hundreds of data sources with Power BI, create complicated relational models with easy and intuitive tools, and create gorgeous interactive dashboards from the beginning.

POWER BI with Cognitio Knowledge:

Cognitio is the perfect destination if you’re searching for a detailed, hands-on tutorial for learning Microsoft certified Power BI Desktop program.
With Cognitio Knowledge, you will commence the program with the fundamentals of PowerBI and work our way up with clear, simple step-by-step instructions. The course covers Power BI from beginning to end while enriching you with the wealth of practical suggestions for those who are already familiar with the software.

Why should one choose this course?

Business Intelligence (BI) is one of the very attractive areas in the professional market which is capable of enhancing one’s career in today’s data-driven world. To pursue a career in Power BI, one needs to know the career growth for “Power BI” developers.
Data visualization is the future of business and Power BI, being a visualization tool, is going to be the most in demand for aspiring candidates.

What is the scope of this course?


– Ability to build entire business intelligence product from base using PowerBI
– become an expert to apply these principles to own PowerBI projects
Course Structure

Lesson 1: What Is Statistics?
Lesson 2: Describing Data: Frequency Tables, Frequency Distributions, and Graphic Presentation
Lesson 3: Describing Data: Numerical Measures
Lesson 4: Describing Data: Displaying and Exploring Data
Lesson 5: Discrete Probability Distributions
Lesson 6: Continuous Probability Distributions
Lesson 7: Sampling Methods and the Central Limit Theorem
Lesson 8: Estimation and Confidence Intervals
Lesson 9: Tests of Hypothesis
Lesson 10: Two-Sample Tests of Hypothesis

Lesson 1: Introduction to Machine Learning
Lesson 2: Analysis of Variance
Lesson 3: Regression algorithm
Lesson 4: Classification algorithm,
Lesson 5: Time-series Forcasting algorithm
Lesson 6: Clustering

Lesson 1: Prepare the Data
Getting data from different data source
Profiling the data
Cleaning, transforming and loading the data

Lesson 2: Model the Data
Designing a data model
Developing a data model
Creating measures using DAX
Optimizing model performance

Lesson 3: Visualize the Data
Creating reports
Creating dashboards
Enriching reports for usability

Lesson 4: Analyse the Data
Enhancing reports to expose insights
Performing advanced analysis

Lesson 5: Deploy and Maintain Deliverables
Managing Database
Creating and managing workspace

● Learning Path

Machine Learning
Prepare The Data And Model The Data
Analyse The Data
Visualize The Data
Deploy And Maintain Deliverables

● Capstone project structure
o Gather information on given project topic
o Come up with a structure.
o Make a timetable
o Project Abstract
o Introduction
o Problem Statement
o Project Goals and Objective
o Methods
o Project presentation.

Course Duration

30 Hrs


Entry Level 
₹6,00,000 per year in India.

Expert Level 
₹12,44,077 per year.

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